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Game-Star Heroes

Game-Star HeroesOur collection of the greatest games of all time.

This is where you’ll find our list of the best and most important video games regardless of format. This is not a top 100 or any other sort of chart. The games aren’t in any order because you can’t really compare them, it’s pointless and it would only cause arguments if we did. The games are not scored in any way either because they are all deserving of a 9 or 10 out of 10 so what’s the point. This is simply a list of games worthy of classic status, worthy of study by a games student, and certainly worthy of every gamer’s time. The rules are that only games on 'dead' machines are allowed (or in the case of PC games at least three years old), this is to avoid filling the site with games that seem fantastic at first but have no long term greatness. It is by no means complete (but one day..maybe) so your contributions and suggestions for games you feel we’ve missed are welcome.

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