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Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis

Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis screenshotNovagen - 1991

Generation: 4

Machine: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga

Genre: Adventure

The Mercenary series come to a peak with this brilliant adventure. Massive in it's scope Mercenary 3 sees you, exploring entire planets by bus, taxi and interplanetary shuttle with the purpose of bringing down the evil PC BIL (Palyars Commander's Brother-In-Law). Fantastic 3D worlds, multiple ways of completing the game, and a great sense of humour make this an adventure not to miss.

Never before had gamers been offered such a huge field of play. The first Mercenary was set across a whole city and it really felt like it, by the third game you had a whole star system with each planet totally open to exploration. Add to that the fact that you can’t die and the result is a huge, open-ended adventure that is incredibly addictive. I would argue that virtual reality started here with the Mercenary series.

Jakey 04 Apr '04

Another Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis screenshotEmulator

MDD Clone - You can emulate the Amiga or ST versions but it's far easier to download MDD Clone which has all four Mercenary games adapted to run on the PC.


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