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Game-Star Heroes by Genre

Our collection of the greatest games of all time sorted into groups by genre.


A great adventure will take you deep into another world. You can loose yourself in an adventure and find yourself not even bothering with the game but just wondering around site-seeing. The very best adventures, like those here, will let you do this but the power of the story will draw you on until the game is finished. Go to the Adventures list.

Character Shooters

There's nothing quite like a sunny afternoon spent running and jumping around, blasting baddies to kingdom come whilst dodging bullets, rockets and whatever else is chucked at you. All the better if you can do it from the safety from your own arm chaire. Here are the very best of that genre. Go to the Character Shooters list.


Fun is racing around at breakneck speeds in a supped-up car with no regard for pedestrian life. Unfortunately, if you did that in real life you’d be locked up before you can say ‘the voices told me too’. How fortuitous therefore, to have so many great car-chaos based video games. Here are the best of them. Go to the Driving list.


Beating up your friends is never a good idea, for one thing you'll soon run out of friends to beat up. Happily some clever sort invented the beat ‘em up video game and now you can let out all the aggression caused by the annoying little things your friends and loved ones do that you’re too polite to mention by beating them to death in a myriad of virtual worlds. Here are your best bets for maximum relief. Go to the Fighters list.

First Person Shooters

Probably today’s most popular genre, the First Person Shooter accounts for the majority of new titles on the PC. When done badly they are boring, mindless and repetitive but we’re not interested in those; here you will find only the best of the genre, games that combine the best elements of shooters and adventures. Go to the First Person Shooters list.


Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Wonderboy and even that woman Lara Croft; the Platform genre has the game world's biggest stars. Platformers are good, clean fun and we love 'em. Here's the best of the genre. Go to the Platformers list.


The biggest selling and widest played games tend to be in the puzzle genre due to their universal appeal. Hits like Tetris can be found ported to just about every computer device in existance from high-end PCs to graphical calculators.  Go to the Puzzles list.


Rhythm, you either got it or you don’t. If you do, these games could be the most fun you’ll have on a video game. If you don’t, then practice till you do or skip to the next section like a ninny. Go to the Rhythm list.


Simulators have a serious reputation but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Here at Flat Batteries we wouldn’t play anything that wasn’t fun let alone make it a Game-Star Hero so you can be sure that although the simulators listed here may not be the most realistic, they are certainly the most fun you’ll have in the genre. Go to the Simulators list.


The strategy genre contains devilish simplicity and fiendish complexity in equal measures. These games take thought and dedication but the rewards are often higher than in any other genre. There is nothing quite like building you own city or commanding an army. Would you turn down the opportunity to play god, especially in a sandbox with no real-world responsibility? Go to the Strategy list.

Vehicle Shooters

Be it space ship scrolling sideways through the sky or a 3D tank pounding a Battlezone, shooting from the comfort of a super vehicle is a blast. Here are the very best of that genre. Go to the Vehicle Shooters list.

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