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First Person Shooters

Probably today’s most popular genre, the First Person Shooter accounts for the majority of new titles on the PC. When done badly they are boring, mindless and repetitive but we’re not interested in those; here you will find only the best of the genre, games that combine the best elements of shooters and adventures.

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Goldeneye 007Goldeneye 007

Everyone was dubious about the prospect of a video game version of a rather ropey Bond movie. The fact that it was going to be a first person shooter on a home console made it all the more likely that this game was going to be poor. Fortunately, Rare were on top, top form. More...


Very few things in this world really scare me, least of all games. Alone in the Dark? Not even creepy! Resident Evil? Don't make me laugh (well actually it does which is the problem). Half-Life however... just the very thought of it sets off the hairs on the back of my neck. More...

Typing of the DeadTyping of the Dead

"Type or Die" the box threatens, learning a new skill is easy when your life depends on it. Another stroke of Sega genius. More...

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