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This is our list of the most overrated games in gaming history. You may find some games in here that you thought were good; we're here to ask you to think again.

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A charmless, poorly conceived clone of Vice City (which we hate anyway). More...

Bubbaray 02 Jul '04

FIFA SoccerFIFA Soccer

The same game every six months. More...

Bubbaray 02 Mar '03

Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto

Playing to the lowest common denominator and winning. More...

Bubbaray 09 Jun '03

Jet Force GeminiJet Force Gemini

This was the first sign that Rare were not always in possession of the Midas touch. More...

Bubbaray 14 Jan '04

Mario Strikers (Charged)Mario Strikers (Charged)

This game attempts to tackle serious questions about intentionality and free will. The answers? Life is just a big crap rolling demo. More...

Bubbaray 03 May '08

Metroid Prime (Corruption)Metroid Prime (Corruption)

Explore-Shoot-Baddy-Explore-Shoot-Baddy. More...

Bubbaray 03 May '08

Mortal KombatMortal Kombat

Brutality over brilliance. More...

Bubbaray 22 Sep '03


Because the drugs don't work, they just make it worse. More...

Bubbaray 20 Aug '03

Panzer Dragoon SagaPanzer Dragoon Saga

The most money you’ll ever waste on a game. More...

Jakey 14 Feb '03

Resident EvilResident Evil

Capcom's door opening simulator. More...

Bubbaray 21 Jun '03

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