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Our collection of gaming and other links

Gameing SitesGeneral Gaming Sites

The Dot Eaters
A fantastic video game history site.

RetroGaming Radio
A free MP3 radio show for the retro-gaming community.

A wonderful UK based retro-gaming shop and a whole lot more including a great museum.

Retro Remakes
Modern remakes of classic retro-games.

Another site of remakes of classic retro-games.

Game FAQs
Your one-stop-shop for info, hints, walkthrus, and reviews by the gaming public.

Killer List of Video Games
Definitive resource.

Robert's Game Web
Hints 'n' tips, fanfic, pictures and more.

Zophar’s Domain
THE place for information on all things emulator related.

A huge selection of game music files from all machines.

Another good emulation resource, though not terribly up-to-date.

The Home of the Underdogs
The ultimate resource for tracking down classic PC games and undiscovered gems.

RPG Planet
Great RPG info site.

The only search engine for those hard-to-find ROMS.

The game you are after will come up here.

The best place to import console accessories from the far east. UPDATE - Lik-sang have now been driven out of business by SONY for the terrible crime of selling Asian PSPs to Europeam customers.

The best place to import console accessories and games from the far east (since Lik-sang were closed).

Machine SitesGeneral Machine Sites

Old Computers
All the info you'll ever need about just about every computer ever made. You gotta check out the Sega PC.

The Obsolete Tecnology Website
Not as complete as Old Computers but there's a lot here to enjoy.

Console Passion
A great vintage console resource including a buy and sell area which is great for collectors.

Retro Scene
An online store for classic, retro, vintage or old video games, consoles and computer systems.

Online Games

Virtual Nes
Play loads of NES games online.

Easy Retro
Play many classic 16-bit retro games online.

World of Spectrum Online Play
Play nearly any ZX Spectrum game online by clicking the Java icon on the details window of your chosen game.

Play nearly any C64 game online.

Virtual Apple
Play nearly any Apple II game online.

Steel Defence Commander
The inverse shoot 'em up.

Monkey Ball Mini
Super Monkey Ball Online.

Monkey Ball 2 Mini
Super Monkey Ball 2 Online.

A platformer puzzler with a difference.

The Malibu9
Mr "Pink" Flamingo and his Deep Fried Penguins.

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