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The end of the quick save?The end of the quick save?

An interesting debate has started concerning the future of the humble game save, a feature that has been at the heart of videogames for many, many years.  More...

Bubbaray 03 Nov '08

Nintendo the lifestyle companyNintendo the lifestyle company

There is a growing number of video game fans expressing dissatisfaction with Nintendo. The games, they say, are not challenging; the games, they say, are not engaging. There is a grain of truth in this - Nintendo do seem to have changed their emphasis to the detriment of traditionalists. More...

Bubbaray 16 Sep '08

Sony StrugglesSony Struggles

Now Sony appears to have won the Blu-Ray format war, there are those who say that the tide will turn in their favour. However, bad stories still outweigh the good, and Sony’s problems tend to be of a type that can be loosely described as ‘fundamental’. More...

Bubbaray 29 Jul '08

The Survival of SEGAThe Survival of SEGA

Continuing our short series of articles titled “Why we might have got things a bit wrong, sorry, but here’s what’s changed, please forgive us” we would like to review our opinion on Sega. More...

Bubbaray 21 Jul '08

GTA4 - Is it really as good as everyone says?GTA4 - Is it really as good as everyone says?

FB have criticised the GTA series in the past, but we’re fair sorts here, and so have decided to give GTA IV a whirl, posing the burning question: ‘Is GTA still over-rated?' More...

Bubbaray 30 Jun '08

Attention GamersAttention Gamers

The current trend of epic and overblown games is failing to meet the needs of gamers who just want a quick five minute action hit. More...

Jakey 23 Jun '08

Are Nintendo in danger of squandering their lead?Are Nintendo in danger of squandering their lead?

After enduring a tough few years with the Gamecube - which was the most fun machine of the last generation of consoles - Nintendo now find themselves at the top of the heap with the most fun console of the current generation More...

Bubbaray 26 May '08

Hello AgainHello Again

Well, last time we spoke, we at Flatbatteries were feeling rather pessimistic about the video games industry. It was looking as if we were charging towards a world where video games were becoming narrow in their appeal; it was all about pleasing the twenty-something male, and it was getting boring as well as unsustainable. More...

Bubbaray 08 Apr '08

Revolution or end for Nintendo?Revolution or end for Nintendo?

These are strange times for Nintendo. After the optimism inspired by the announcement of the DS and the continuing success enjoyed by the GameBoy Advance (well on course to supersede sales of the original Gameboy) people seem to have forgotten about the good old Gamecube. And not just consumers; third party developers are beginning to ignore the Gamecube. This is a disaster. More...

Bubbaray 20 Jan '05

The End of SEGAThe End of SEGA

Many years ago, Sega were at the forefront of video games. They produced games like Outrun, Shinobi and Sonic. Then they moved onwards and produced more recent classics like Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and, of course, the almighty Shenmue. Their games were fun, accessible and instantly satisfying. But now they produce pure tosh like Billy Hatcher and endless sports simulations and sequels. More...

Bubbaray 17 Sep '04

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