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Game-Star Heroes by Generation

Our collection of the greatest games of all time sorted into groups by generation.

Generation 1Generation 1

The age of Pong and very early arcades machines. Go to the Generation 1 list.

Generation 2Generation 2

The age of the home computer revolution. Go to the Generation 2 list.

Generation 3Generation 3

Nintendo and Sega begin their epic battle for console supremacy. Go to the Generation 3 list.

Generation 4Generation 4

The height of the console wars and a golden age for gaming. 16-bits made for the ultimate 2D gaming experience. Go to the Generation 4 list.

Generation 5Generation 5

3D goes mainstream at last and the Playstation rules the roost although the generation's defining games are nearly all on N64. Go to the Generation 5 list.

Generation 6Generation 6

A lack of real innovation stagnates the industry leading to a surge in interest in retro-gaming and this very site! Go to the Generation 6 list.

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