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This is our collection of great game ideas no one has yet made but we want to play! So developers take note - please steal our ideas, we don't care we just want to see them made.

STOP PRESS: Happily, since starting this section many of the games have actually been made which just goes to show our finger really is on the pulse of the games industry.

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Grand Theft MammothGrand Theft Mammoth

I think cavemen are great. There’s an old thought experiment concerning cavemen. You go back in time and bring a stone-age child back to the present More...

Bubbaray 06 Jul '08


New from Ubisoft’s ever popular Petz range comes Locustz in which you breed and care for your own swarm of adorable locustz and then use them to wage biological war on your enemies. More...

Jakey 02 Apr '08

Mr BennMr Benn

As if by magic, Festive Road’s most famous cosplayer strolls onto the next-gen consoles bringing with him excitement and adventure. This cell-shaded third person adventure will take you to the Wild West, 13th century Mongolia, Camelot, pre-history, feudal Japan and into space spreading peace and tranquillity wherever you go like a Time Lord messiah. More...

Jakey 31 Mar '08

Wild WestWild West

This is basically a game that is a cross between Elite and The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. It's a first person shooter and you're a gun slinger type who's trying to make a name for themselves. There are numerous towns for you to visit, more becoming available as you become more successful. More...

Bubbaray 29 Jan '04

Stephen J Cannell: WriterStephen J Cannell: Writer

In this game, you assume the role of Stephen J Cannell, the creative genius behind such TV classics as the "A-Team" and "The Rockford Files." In this game you have to drive around Hollywood finding washed up B-movie stars, aging Method actors, and alcoholic soap stars. You then enlist them into your latest attempt at proving to everyone that there's more to you than just the "A-Team" and "Renegade." More...

Bubbaray 09 Dec '03


You're a crook who specialises in holding people to ransom in this action/strategy game. First you have to choose your victim from a selection of wealthy/important people and their family members. As you progress through the game you unlock more potential hostages getting more important as you go from business executives, through pop stars, movie stars, Bill Gates until finally getting the chance to kidnap world leaders. More...

Jakey 06 Nov '03

Escape From PrisonEscape From Prison

You're in prison and you want out! More...

Jakey 22 Oct '03

Super SurgeonSuper Surgeon

Avoid years of training as we throw you in at the surgery deep-end. More...

Bubbaray 24 Sep '03

Noah's Ark Creature CombatNoah's Ark Creature Combat

It’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights and the animals cooped up on Noah’s Ark are pissed off: Let the battle commence! More...

Jakey 14 Aug '03

Theme BrothelTheme Brothel

You've played Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Now make the next step: It's 21st century Birmingham and the government has decided to legalise prostitution. You are Madame Fishnet and you find yourself in control of a massage parlor. Can you make the business a success? Can you transform the oldest profession into a respectable career path? Can you turn your business into the Macdonald's of prostitution? More...

Bubbaray 10 Aug '03

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