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The Pixel Chicks

Forget your ill-proportioned Lara Croft, here's our collection of the finest females ever to find themselves under the control of a joypad. These aren't just the over-endowed fantasy figures you may be used to on your pc or console. No, these are fully rounded characters who have style, dignity, and brains as well fantastic looks. Games designers are spending more time and money on character design and are getting wise to the appeal of female characters who are just as well developed as their male counterparts.

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Aika - Skies of ArcadiaAika - Skies of Arcadia

The all action tomboy. More...

Jakey 25 Sep '04

Amy Rose - Sonic GamesAmy Rose - Sonic Games

A pink princess who wont take no for an answer. More...

Bubbaray 11 Apr '03

Blaze - Streets of RageBlaze - Streets of Rage

Raging hormones. More...

Bubbaray 06 Jun '04

Chun-Li - Street Fighter 2Chun-Li - Street Fighter 2

Thighs of steel. More...

Bubbaray 05 Sep '03

MeeMee - Super Monkey BallMeeMee - Super Monkey Ball

Prepare to be bowled over. More...

Bubbaray 08 Jan '04

Morrigan - Various CapcomMorrigan - Various Capcom

The beautiful mistress of the undead. More...

Bubbaray 16 Aug '03

Ms. Pac-manMs. Pac-man

Get read to be a-MAZE-ed (sorry, so sorry). More...

Bubbaray 30 Aug '03

Nazomi - ShenmueNazomi - Shenmue

The most devoted girlfriend a game-guy could wish for. More...

Jakey 25 Sep '04

Rouge - Power Stone SeriesRouge - Power Stone Series

She'll take on a magic carpet ride you'll never forget. More...

Bubbaray 04 Feb '04

Samus - Metroid SeriesSamus - Metroid Series

As tough as they come. More...

Bubbaray 30 Dec '03

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