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The Pixel Chicks

Forget your ill-proportioned Lara Croft, here's our collection of the finest females ever to find themselves under the control of a joypad. These aren't just the over-endowed fantasy figures you may be used to on your pc or console. No, these are fully rounded characters who have style, dignity, and brains as well fantastic looks. Games designers are spending more time and money on character design and are getting wise to the appeal of female characters who are just as well developed as their male counterparts.

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Thyra The Valkyrie - Gauntlet SeriesThyra The Valkyrie - Gauntlet Series

Our favourite warrior princess. More...

Bubbaray 27 Mar '04

Tillis - Burning RangersTillis - Burning Rangers

Firefighting future femme. More...

Jakey 14 Mar '03

Ulala - Space Channel 5Ulala - Space Channel 5

The one and only dancing queen. More...

Jakey 14 Feb '03

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