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Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast

Undoubtedly the most under-rated and console of them all. More...

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Game-Star Heroes

Stop the Express

A thrilling, train-top running landmark game, years ahead of its time. More...

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Grand Theft Mammoth

Lead a tribe. Steal a mammoth. Discover Fire. More...

Pixel Chicks

Nazomi - Shenmue

The most devoted girlfriend a game-guy could wish for. More...


Metroid Prime (Corruption)

Explore-Shoot-Baddy-Explore-Shoot-Baddy. More...

Welcome to Flatbatteries - the home of modern and retro gaming culture and of the...

Game-Star Heroes


Grim FandangoDead batteries

Some sad news...

Anyone visiting this site regularly will have noticed that it hasn't been up dated in a long time, a long time. I haven't updated this site since oh before you were born. Well some of you anyway, okay probably not that many of you. Times have changed and support for the version of PHP the site was written in has been withdrawn by the host. I managed to make a copy of the site before the end but bits of it are missing.

What all this means is that although the site is still here and will remain here for the foreseeable future, not all of it works. Some of the sadder missing sections are two thirds of the Wishlist. The good news the key stuff is still in place: the Machines and the Gamestar Heroes are all intact and feedback suggests this is the most used part of the site anyway. Future updates are unlikely as, truth be told, I am no longer gaming, the gamer in me is still present but the time to game has vanished so for now, farewell.

Jakey 17 Dec '14

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