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Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast LogoGeneration: 6

Processors: Hitachi SH-4 128bit 200Mhz, NEC/VideoLogic PowerVR GPU

RAM: 16mb system, 8mb video

Graphics Resolution: 640 x 480

Colours: 16bit

Sound: Yamaha AICA Sound Processor 2mb sound RAM

Media Format: Yamaha GD-ROM (1gb optical disk)

Control and Input Methods: Analogue, 4 button, 2 trigger controller; light gun; keyboard; microphone; fishing rod; dance mat; movement sensitive maracas

Undoubtedly the most under-rated and console of them all. The Dreacast was the first of the generation following the 3D explosion and could easily hold it's own among its contemporary the PS2. Packed with revolutionary features like online gaming with microphone chat, the public just wasn't ready for it and it lost out to the PS2 with its integrated DVD player (although you had to pay extra for the remote control to make it work) and backwards compatibility with the PS1. Some of the most inventive games of recent years were made for the Dreamcast and it's a shame so few got to see them.

Sega DreamcastEmulator

Chankast - The only Dreamcast emulator, compatibility is low but it plays Ikaruga like a dream.


Planet Dreamcast - Some good Dreamcast content.

Dreamcast News - A great UK Dreamcast news and community site.

Game-Star Heroes on the Sega Dreamcast:

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