SCORE: 0000001550

Retro animated character

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi screenshotSega - 1999

Generation: 6

Machine: Sega Dreamcast, Arcade, and others

Genre: Driving

One of the best loved games on the Dreamcast this offers the driving experience we’d all been waiting for for so long. No checkpoints, no fixed course, and no other cars to race, just you, a taxi and 2 cities.

OK so there are passengers to pick up and take to their destinations before the time runs out but I tend to think of that as just an optional extra. The real beauty of this game is the simple pleasure of being able to drive like a maniac wherever you like. When I say wherever I mean wherever, over the rooftops, on the railway, through the shopping mall, down the subway, even under the sea (where be-snorkelled passengers wait for a ride).

This game is fun and that’s what’s important about it. In an age when driving games are getting more and more realistic and serious, Crazy Taxi provides you with nothing more than great fun which is exactly what you want from your console.

Jakey 13 Aug '02

Another Crazy Taxi screenshotAvailable From

ebay - Crazy Taxi doesn't work on the Dreamcast emulator yet so I'd recommend buying the PC, Gamecube or PS2 version depending on what console you have. Or just buy a Dreamcast and the original, you wont regret it.


Papercraft Paradise's Crazy Taxi page - Make your own Crazy Taxi out of paper, yes really.

Wikipedia's Crazy Taxi page - Lots of great information.

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