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Trackmania United

Trackmania United screenshotNadeo - 2006

Generation: 6

Machine: PC

Genre: Driving

I’ve dreamt of an update for Stunt Car Racer for so long and at last I got it. Trackmania is like no other modern driving game. With the industry’s obsession for realistically reproducing real world vehicles in real world environments with real world phsics in their car games ever growing, it is so refreshing to come across a driving game that throws all that out of the window. The focus of Trackmania is not the cars but the tracks, incredible stunt filled tracks that you can take at incredible speeds. Added to this is the ability to design and share your own tracks online. There’s even a puzzle mode involving creating a track with a limited number of pieces to give your car the quickest route from start to finish.

Veterans of Gran Turismo will no doubt moan about the vastly exaggerated physics; yes, you can steer and brake in the air but that just adds to the skill in the stunts. Trackmania is about fun not realism, and it’s got fun bursting out of every pixel.

The United version of Trackmania brings together all previous versions, each with a different style of car and track, and with endless free track downloads and infinite possibilities in the track designer, it is fantastic value for money.

Jakey 10 Mar '08

Another Trackmania United screenshotAvailable From

Official Site - From the developers.


Trackmania Official Site - The offical site which links to track and vehicle design communities.

Trackmania Carpark - Database of custom vehicles to download.

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