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Retro animated character


PC LogoGeneration: 2 and still going strong today

Processors: Many and varid

RAM: From 1k to many gb

Graphics Resolution: 320x200 CGA to 2560x2048 QSXGA

Colours: All the colours of the rainbow

Sound: From simple beepers to Dolby Digital surround

Media Format: Disks in the hard, floppy, optical and solid state varieties

Control and Input Methods: Keyboard, mouse, joysticks, tracker balls, steering wheels and pretty much anything else

The de facto standard home computer since the mid-nineties, the IBM PC Compatible as it used to be known, is at the cutting edge of games technology. Due to its constantly upgradable architecture, game consumers don’t have to wait for a new console to get the latest technology, they just by a new part. The standard PC interface of keyboard and mouse effectively give it an analogue games controller with 105+ freely configurable buttons, this has proved popular for more complicated simulator and FPS games but the fact that it demands a desk prevents casual living room and group play. I’ve just realised that this is a rather cold and soulless description but although it was quite accidental, it is entirely appropriate. What is undeniable is that the PC is the most popular gaming platform in the world.


DOSBox - Designed for running old DOS games that modern PCs can no longer play directly.


Home of The Underdogs - Celebrating classic, lesser know PC games.

Wikipedia's PC Page - Lots of good stuff about the history of the PC.

Game-Star Heroes on the PC:

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