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Nebulus screenshotHewson - 1987

Generation: 3

Machine: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, NES, Nintendo Gameboy

Genre: Platformer

Hewson had a reputation for producing highly original and challenging games and Nebulus is one of their finest. More of a puzzle game than a platformer, Nebulus sees you working your way around and up a set of towers, each with its own set of nasties trying to knock you back down again. The difficulty is high and much practice is required but this doesn't detract from what is an absolute classic. The graphics are truly impressive for the time and really showed off what the 16-bit computers were capable of, that is until Hewson brought it out for the 8-bit machines and it looked every bit as good on the Spectrum.

Jakey 02 May '04

Another Nebulus screenshotEmulator

SPIN - To emulate the Spectrum version.
STeem - To emulate the Atari ST version.


World of Spectrum's Nebulus page - An incredible resource, all the detail you could need and the game to download or play online to boot!

Wikipedia's Nebulus page - Lots of great information including screenshots for each version of the game.

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