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Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Gameboy LogoGeneration: 4

Processors: Z80 8-bit CMOS 4.19 Mhz

RAM: 64k

Graphics Resolution: 160 x 144

Colours: 4 greys and Gameboy Color 56 on screen, 32,768 total

Sound: 4 channel

Media Format: Cartridge

Control and Input Methods: Built in digital two button gamepad

Nintendo's Gameboy is granddaddy of the handheld console world and in its original, Pocket and Color versions has sold more than any other console, handheld or not. With greyscale graphics and an often difficult to see screen the Gameboy seemed like a non-starter back in 1989 when compared to the colour, backlit and networkable Atari Lynx. But thanks to unbelievable battery life, a keen price and the killer move of bundling it with Tetris, the Gameboy's success was ensured.

Nintendo GameboyEmulator

Visual Boy Advance - A great Gameboy emulator which also handles the Gameboy Advance.


Official Nintendo Page - Now sadly only dealing with the Gameboy Micro.

Wikipedia Gameboy Page - Extensive info on the Gameboy and its children.

Game-Star Heroes on the Nintendo Gameboy:

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