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Advance Wars

Advance Wars screenshotNintendo - 1991

Generation: 6

Machine: Gameboy Advance

Genre: Strategy

Nintendo and war seem like unlikely bedfellows to us in the west, who’d have thought that the home of Yoshi and Kirby had been producing the Nintendo Wars series of turn based strategy games since Famicom Wars in 1988. As it turns out, Nintendo have released at least one game in the series each for the NES, Gameboy and SNES but had always kept them to Japan only. It was only with the release of Advance Wars for the GBA that we westerners finally discovered what we’d been missing out on.

Advance Wars is a challenging war game that's far more grown-up than its fun looks would have you believe. It’s this very mix of fun cartoonish looks and serious game play that make this a true Nintendo game through and through. If you are a strategy fan don’t mistake this for a Fisher-Price My First War Game affair, it isn’t; it has everything you’d expect from a turn-based strategy game. Equally, if you think you don’t like strategy game, think again; the learning curve is gentle and the game play far from the usual boring army manoeuvres. Fighting all-out war has never been such a good laugh!

Jakey 22 Mar '08

Another Advance Wars screenshotEmulator

Virtual Boy Advance - Search Google to find the game file.


Advance Wars Net - A huge fansite dedicated to the series.

Black Hole H.Q. - Another great fansite.

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