SCORE: 0000001750
LIVES: Life Game Over

Retro animated character


Darwinia screenshotIntroversion Software - 2005

Generation: 6

Machine: PC

Genre: Puzzle, Strategy

Darwinia is a game of absolute beauty. Set in a inside a computer (yes, a bit like Tron), your mission is to rid the system of viruses and rescue the inhabitants so that they can repopulate their world. It has a wonderful retro style which is even carried through to the game’s intro sequences which are displayed at random at the start of the game. One of these intros is in the style of an Amiga disk loader and another is a recreation of a ZX Spectrum tape loading screen. All of this added to fun but would be meaningless if the game was a dud but it isn’t, it’s the perfect blend of real-time strategy and puzzle game and should not be missed

I have recently that Darwinia can be used as a tool to test your friends’ gaming souls. I showed it to a couple of my own friends and their first reaction was to complain that the graphics were rubbish, they aren’t at all, they are actually highly detailed and full of 3D effects that would push most modern GPUs. The reason for their response was the retro styling of the graphics. I find it fascinating that some people can’t tell the difference between an old computer game and a game with an old computer style. Are the same people confused with movies that are set in the past?

Jakey 10 Mar '08

Another Darwinia screenshotAvailable From

Official Site - The game can be purchased as a download for Windows or Mac.


Save Darwinia - The official US game site.

The Next Game - A great Darwinia fansite with lots of stuff to download including mods.

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