SCORE: 0000006550
LIVES: Life Game Over

Retro animated character

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System LogoGeneration: 3

Processors: 6502 8-bit (NMOS) 1.79MHz

RAM: 16k system and 16k video

Graphics Resolution: 256x240

Colours: 24 on screen, 52 total

Sound: 6 channel including one PCM

Media Format: Cartridge

Control and Input Methods: Joypad, lightgun, robot!

Nintendo's first home console and the best selling games machine of it's time, the NES brought the US games industry back from the brink following the 1983 video games crash. The NES didn't sell so well in Europe where the Sega Master System ruled a market made small by the popularity of gaming on home computers. This is the machine that took Donkey Kong and Mario out of the arcades and into homes across the world where they have resided ever since.

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