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Sega Master System

Sega Master System LogoGeneration: 3

Processors: 3.6 MHz, 8-bit Z80 processor

RAM: 8k system, 16k video

Graphics Resolution: 256 x 192

Colours: 32 on screen, 64 total

Sound: 4-channel mono

Media Format: Cartridge and cards

Control and Input Methods: Two button digital gamepad, light 'phaser'

In the summer of '86 the Sega Master System or SMS was released into the path of the steamroller that was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite being superior in terms of, well just about everything; CPU speed, colours, memory, it just couldn't compete with the NES in the US or Japan. Here in Europe however, we loved it.

Sega Master SystemEmulator

MEKA - MEKA is a fantastic emulator for the SMS, Gamegear and other early Sega oddities. It even supports the 3D glasses and tells you how to make you own!


SMS Power - A fansite for Sega 8-bit consoles with masses of info.

The Console Legend Sega Master System - Sega Master System Revival site providing game downloads, full reviews, competitions and midi's and a great deal more besides.

Game-Star Heroes on the Sega Master System:

Arcade control panel Start Start

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