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Atari ST

Atari ST LogoGeneration: 4

Processors: Motorola MC 68000 7.14MHz

RAM: 128k expandable to 4mb

Graphics Resolution: 320 x 200, 640 x 200, 640 x 400

Colours: 16 on screen, 512 in total

Sound: 3 voice 8 bit PCM with legendary midi ports

Media Format: Floppy and hard disks

Control and Input Methods: Keyboard, mouse and joystick

Darling of the synth-music movement the Atari ST is a true legend. Yes so the Amiga out-sold it and out-performed it games-wise but did the Amiga ever produce a UK number 1 hit single? I don't think so. The Atari was the underdog of the 16-bit era, it was a lot cheaper than the Amiga and many of the key games of the day didn't look nearly as good on it but it wasn't really the ST's fault. Lazy developers could churn out a game on the ST that looked worse than the aging C64's port of the same title but a patient developer could coax graphical wonders out of the ST that easily matched the Amiga. It's just a shame so few took the time.

Atari STEmulator

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Game-Star Heroes on the Atari ST:

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