SCORE: 0000001650

Retro animated character


Cybernoid screenshotHewson - 1988

Generation: 3

Machine: Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, and many others

Genre: Platformer, Vehicle Shooter

Ok so you know how on first person shooters on the PC like Quake and Half-Life you have to press the number keys between 1 and 5 to select your different weapons? That was invented here. At first glance this looks like a straight forward shooter but it is far from it; Cybernoid involves thinking, planning what weapons to use, hiding and stealth attacks, and all of this on top of the usual lightning reactions and shooting skills required by your average shooter. Cybernoid is often more of a platform game or a puzzler. No matter how you look at it, it's absolutely fantastic, and like all games of this era, it's rock hard.

Jakey 28 Jan '03

Another Cybernoid screenshotEmulator

SPIN - The best Spectrum emulator out there although you'll find a whole bunch more plus the tape image for this game at World of Spectrum.


World of Spectrum's Cybernoid page - An incredible resource, all the detail you could need and the game to download or play online to boot!

Wikipedia's Cybernoid page - Lots of great information.

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