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LIVES: Life Game Over

Retro animated character

Typing of the Dead

Typing of the Dead screenshotSega - 2000

Generation: 6

Machine: PC, Sega Dreamcast, Arcade

Genre: First Person Shooter

Sega are mental, they always have been; saving the planet by out-dancing aliens, the maracas controller and a talking fish virtual pet with a human head are just three examples from the Dreamcast era, The Typing of the Dead is another. Originally released in special arcade cabinets with dual keyboards, The Typing of the Dead is basically a re-hash of House of the Dead 2 only you kill the Zombies by typing at them instead of shooting them. It's a surreal yet education experience, the Dreamcast and PC versions even include an un-dead infested typing tutor to help you on your way. It’s a stroke of pure Sega genius and exactly the sort of unique game play we are missing from the Sega of today.

Jakey 10 Mar '08

Another Typing of the Dead screenshotAvailable From

ebay - Don't bother trying to emulate the arcade or Dreamcast versions, just buy the PC version from ebay.


Download the demo - From the GameZone download site.

Wikipedia Typing of the Dead Page - Lots of great info.

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