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Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure screenshotSega - 1999

Generation: 6

Machine: Sega Dreamcast, and others

Genre: Platformer

With Sonic Adventure everyone’s favourite hedgehog finally made it into the third dimension soon made up for lost time with a giant adventure which can be played six different ways. It’s easy to see why Sonic skipped the fifth generation; the technology of that era just wasn’t powerful enough to move Sonic around a fully 3D environment at the speed we’d come to expect from him but the Dreamcast changed all that pushing Sonic through beautiful levels at break-neck speeds.

A few levels of that with a few of Tails thrown in would have satisfied most Sonic fans’ yearnings but with Sonic gone for a whole generation Sega weren’t going to leave at that, they had a five years’ worth of ideas bubbling over and they crammed them in to Adventure. Each of the six different playable characters has a different mission and a different style of play which adds masses of variety.

Many people at the time were annoyed by the adventure sections that link the action stages and were unimpressed by the story. I felt the opposite, true they didn’t represent much of a challenge for the seasoned adventure gamer but they had a wonderfully strange atmosphere about them which I loved and when you play the different characters’ stories the adventure sections are where the stories cross paths. The stories themselves are quite bizarre, Knuckles’ story particularly so but my favourite was the touching story of the robot; made by Dr Eggman for evil but becomes self aware and turns good. Hey, maybe I’m just a sap but who cares. Sonic Adventure has lots to keep anyone happy, track it down today.

Jakey 07 Dec '02

Another Sonic Adventure screenshotAvailable From

ebay - The original Dreamcast version is common but you can also get the DX version for Gamecube/WII or PC.


Sonic Central - The official Sonic site.

Wikipedia's Sonic Adventure page - Lots of great information.

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