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Retro animated character

Ms. Pac-man

Ms. Pac-manGame: Ms. Pacman

Machine: Atari 2600, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Arcade, and many others

When Ms. Pacman was released lots of people were excited by the fact that women were also represented in the video game world. They too could wander around a maze, mercilessly eating ghosts.

Yes, yes, alright... Ms. Pacman is just Pacman with a spot of lipstick and a bow in her hair. But I'll tell you this: she's got more sexual charisma in one pixel than Lara Croft does in her entire body... which is made up of lots of pixels, I suppose. But they're rubbish pixels. Ms. Pacman, we salute you!

Bubbaray 30 Aug '03

Ms. Pac-man

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