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This is our list of the most overrated games in gaming history. You may find some games in here that you thought were good; we're here to ask you to think again.

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Shadow of the BeastShadow of the Beast

Hannah-Barbara panpipe tripe. More...

Jakey 21 Oct '03

Shadow of the ColossusShadow of the Colossus

One of the best game worlds I’ve ever seen totally ruined by being totally empty. Shadow of the Colossus appears in the overrated section not because it's a bad game, it isn't, it's just not the marvel the critics would have you believe. More...

Jakey 16 Apr '08


Most certainly not the way of the warrior. More...

Bubbaray 06 Apr '03

Tomb RaiderTomb Raider

A poor remake of Manic Miner. More...

Jakey 25 Oct '03

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