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Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderMachine: Playstation, and many others

Sadly this is probably the most culturally significant game of all time, at least in the western world (they have more taste in Japan!). It's British too which makes this even harder to say - It's SHIT!!! Tomb Raider (or Lara Croft – Tomb Raider as we are to call it these days) is essentially a remake of that other British video game institution Manic Miner only in 3D. "Sounds good!" I hear you cry. no No NO! There’s no actual game here unless your idea of fun is figuring out the controls. They are horrendously complicated and this really breaks up any chance of fluid game play. Besides why do we need so many buttons just to control a pair of breasts and a gun? Tomb Raider pretends to be an adventure but really it's just a straight 3D platformer, but what's a platformer without bright colours cute characters and fun!

It sold because of Lara, the kids who grew up with Mario and Sonic were now frustrated teens and Lara proved more erotic than a plumber or a hedgehog. She was also the perfect salesperson for targeting the new post-pub Playstation audience. Lara Croft does for the British games industry what James Bond does for our film industry; she moves units but no one gives us any respect for it.

If you are looking for a pixilated fantasy girl to lust after (or a girl power role model to admire) check out our Pixel Chicks section for a more suitable candidate.

Jakey 25 Oct '03

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