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Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation LogoGeneration: 5

Processors: R3000A 32 bit RISC Processor 33Mhz

RAM: 2mb system, 1mb video

Graphics Resolution: 640x480

Colours: 16.7 million

Sound: 24 Channel PCM

Media Format: CD-ROM

Control and Input Methods: Dual-shock joypad, steering wheel, dance mat, arcade stick, the list goes on

Sony's world beater, the Playstation, single-handedly revitalised the whole games industry but finished off some old giants along the way. By the end of 2005 the Playstation, in its original and smaller PSOne form, had sold over 100,000,000 units, becoming the first games system to do so. The Playstation combined two technologies that revolutionised gaming: CD-ROM and detailed 3D graphics. Both of these technologies had been done before as add-ons but Sony's implementation was not only small but very easy and cheap to develop for meaning masses of games, and with the Sony marketing behemoth pushing from all sides there were no shortage of buyers. As for the aforementioned casualties; both Atari and Sega fell yet both are remembered fondly among these very pages.

Sony PlaystationEmulator

ePSXe - A decent emulator with high compatibility.


Wikipedia's Playstaion Page - Lots of detailed info.

GameFandom - An independent Playstation fan site covering all of Sony's consoles.

Game-Star Heroes on the Sony Playstation:

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