SCORE: 0000000850
LIVES: LifeLife

Retro animated character

Ape Escape

Ape Escape screenshotSony - 1999

Generation: 5

Machine: Playstation

Genre: Platformer

What's this? An original platformer on the Playstation? Yes it's true, and not only that but a game making full and brilliant use of the Dual Shock controller. Chimps have escaped from the local zoo and are taking over with the aid of brain enhancing hats. Your job is to use various bits of hi-tech gadgetry to capture the chimps before it's too late.

This is a superb example of a 3D platformer that doesn't just mimic Mario 64. The driving force behind this game is the various different gadgets at you disposal that are controlled by the right analogue stick. You have swords, nets, monkey radar and much more, all of which must be employed in just the right situation to capture those pesky monkeys. Wonderful fun and challenging.

Jakey 05 Aug '03

Another Ape Escape screenshotEmulator

ePSXe - You'll need an original game disk which should be available from ebay.


Official Site - Don't be tempted by the sequels, they are all lame.

Wikipedia's Ape Escape page - Lots of great information.

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