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Right. This is a rant, so I will try to remain as coherent as I can. Okay. <deep breath> When it comes down it, this game is tedious and poorly designed. It is a take-off of Sega's Virtua-Fighter series which, graphically speaking, was quite revolutionary in its day. The graphics are similar. The characters are similar. However, Tekken lacks any kind of character design that one might find in a Capcom or Sega beat 'em up. It also lacks any kind of playability, relying instead on a slack-jawed system of typing in combinations of buttons on your joypad to initiate some lame animation that represents your 'move.' Some characters have unstoppable moves, if you get the combination right. Where's the fun in that? There is some sort of myth floating around that Tekken is a 3-D fighting game. Movement is in three dimensions but all of the fighting occurs on a two-dimensional plane: you can't rush around the back of your opponent and punch him/her in the back of the head. In fact, I don't think you can rush at all. The controls seem to be so hopelessly rigid that your true fight is with the piss-poor Sony controller. There is no way to experiment or discover moves apart from randomly bashing the buttons on your controller... I found that it was the kids that didn't like video games who tended to be the best at Tekken simply because they felt no shame in button-bashing. So, many players rely on button bashing for the cheap thrill of winning, not realising that it is the journey, not the victory, that makes the warrior great. Tekken is rubbish.

Bubbaray 06 Apr '03

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