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Simulators have a serious reputation but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Here at Flat Batteries we wouldn’t play anything that wasn’t fun let alone make it a Game-Star Hero so you can be sure that although the simulators listed here may not be the most realistic, they are certainly the most fun you’ll have in the genre.

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Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorAdvanced Lawnmower Simulator

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator is more of a joke than a game. There is only one control, the M key which makes your mower mow, once the lawn is mowed you get a random comment on how well you mowed the lawn. So why is such a game a Game-Star Hero at all? More...


Years ahead of it's time, Battlezone was a first person tank combat simulator. It featured a fully interactive 3D environment that consisted of wire-frame 3D graphics. More...

Daley Thompson's DecathlonDaley Thompson's Decathlon

This is one of the first games I can think of that was licensed by a famous sportsman; for those who can't remember, or weren't old enough, Daley Thompson was a British Olympic gold medallist in the Decathlon and reckoned to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. More...

Football ManagerFootball Manager

One of the first management games and undoubtedly the most popular. Today its descendant is the Championship Manager series which has the same approach as Football Manager. More...

Missile CommandMissile Command

Do you remember the time when we all lived in fear of nuclear annihilation? The scariness of those days when a senile idiot had his finger poised on the 'button'? Do you remember the 'button'? If you do, then you'll probably remember Missile Command. More...

Pinball Construction SetPinball Construction Set

The game that invented the build you own game genre is not only revolutionary but is also an unbelievable achievement in Apple II programming. More...

Star WarsStar Wars

Blisteringly fast, fully 3D vector graphics, sampled speech, it's very hard to believe this game was made in 1983. More...

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