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Rhythm, you either got it or you don’t. If you do, these games could be the most fun you’ll have on a video game. If you don’t, then practice till you do or skip to the next section like a ninny.

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Daley Thompson's DecathlonDaley Thompson's Decathlon

This is one of the first games I can think of that was licensed by a famous sportsman; for those who can't remember, or weren't old enough, Daley Thompson was a British Olympic gold medallist in the Decathlon and reckoned to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. More...

Samba de AmigoSamba de Amigo

Fun has never been more exhausting, then again fun has never been more fun. Shake you maracas in time with the music, what could be simpler? Hang on a minute did you say maracas? More...

Space Channel 5 parts 1 & 2Space Channel 5 parts 1 & 2

"Aliens have taken over the planet and are forcing people to DANCE!" Need I say more? Ok maybe a little more explanation would help. Space Channel 5 is a great example of Sega at their best; a simple yet original concept delivered in a stylish yet fun package (and they don't come much more stylish yet fun than the star of this game). More...

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