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Beating up your friends is never a good idea, for one thing you'll soon run out of friends to beat up. Happily some clever sort invented the beat ‘em up video game and now you can let out all the aggression caused by the annoying little things your friends and loved ones do that you’re too polite to mention by beating them to death in a myriad of virtual worlds. Here are your best bets for maximum relief.

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Guardian HeroesGuardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes pushed forward the scrolling beat 'em up by bringing the control style and from traditional beat 'em ups like Street Fighter and add beautifully animated cartoon graphics. More...

Streets of RageStreets of Rage

Streets of Rage was the second game that I bought for my Megadrive/Genesis. I couldn't believe it. It looked great, and it had two player action! My mate and I used to call a truce and promise each other not to fight amongst ourselves. It never lasted. More...

Super Smash Bros.Super Smash Bros.

The Nintendo all-stars battle it out to find out who's tops in the insanely original fighter. More...

Target: RenegadeTarget: Renegade

This two-player scrolling fighter sees you taking on all comers as you make your way through the mean streets of... well somewhere pretty mean. More...

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