SCORE: 0000000900
LIVES: LifeLifeLife

Retro animated character

Skool Daze

Skool Daze screenshotMicrosphere - 1985

Generation: 3

Machine: ZX Spectrum, and others

Genre: Adventure

I don't think anyone on the planet has completed this game. If they have, then they are insane and should probably be worshipped as Gods amongst men. You play Eric, a schoolboy whose antics have left him in serious trouble. His report has been safely locked away in the Headmaster's safe. Your job, as Eric, is to retrieve the report before it's too late. The real genius of Skooldaze, however, is the fact that you have to follow the school routine in between your attempts to open the safe. If you are caught by a teacher doing anything wrong, you are given lines. If you reach 10,000 lines then you will be expelled... To get the combination of the safe I think you had to use your catapult and shoot loads of shields mounted on the wall, then shoot them again... The game is so ridiculously hard that it seems best just to play as if you were 'in' the school and just try to survive. This was a game with an open end, and I think it makes it one of Shenmue's ancestors: you can try to finish game, but you are also free to muck about and explore... so you can beat people up, have catapult fights and generally behave like you wanted to when you were at school.

Bubbaray 04 Jun '04

Another Skool Daze screenshotEmulator

SPIN - The best Spectrum emulator out there although you'll find a whole bunch more plus the tape image for this game at World of Spectrum.


World of Spectrum's Skool Daze page - An incredible resource, all the detail you could need and the game to download or play online to boot!

Wikipedia's Skool Daze page - Lots of great information.

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