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Retro animated character

Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando screenshotCapcom - 1987

Generation: 3

Machine: Arcade, and many others

Genre: Platformer, Character Shooter

This is Capcom at their finest. They took the platform shooter, a style they did so well, and added a stroke of genius - a grappling hook arm. With this tool you can climb to the platform above, swing from platform to platform like spider man, and hit other baddies without breaking a sweat. This combined with furious shooting action from a selection of well animated baddies and power ups for your gun make a ground breaking, challenging and fun game. The same tool has since been used by Batman and more recently, Spiderman games, but none have done it quite as well as Bionic Commando. I'd like to see Capcom resurrecting this concept in future.

Jakey 10 Oct '02

Another Bionic Commando screenshotEmulator

MAME - Search Google to find the ROM file.


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Bionic Commando Database - And another.

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