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Retro animated character

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle screenshotSNK - 1996

Generation: 5

Machine: SNK Neo-Geo, Sega Saturn, Arcade

Genre: Character Shooter

Legendary shooter; fast, frantic, funny, superb animation. It's impossible to pick out just what makes Metal Slug so good because everything about it is good. What strikes you first is the animation; never before have 2D animated characters looked so animated. Everything from the devious look on the enemies face as they creep up on you to the expression agony as you blast them to kingdom come is drawn to comic book standards. Next you are hit by the sheer pace and speed with which the game progresses then you laugh at the craziness of the whole thing as you come across a power-up which wipes out half the screen.

Metal Slug is one of those games you really have to experience even if you are the most die-hard 3D only gamer and considering the price and collectability of the Neo Geo cartridge, you really can't turn down the opportunity to play this on your PC with MAME.

Jakey 07 Mar '03

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MAME - Search Google to find the ROM file.


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