SCORE: 0000000400
LIVES: LifeLifeLifeLife

Retro animated character

SNK Neo-Geo

SNK Neo-Geo LogoGeneration: 4

Processors: M68000 - 12 Mhz, YM2610 - 8 Mhz, Z80 - 6 Mhz

RAM: 64k system, 68k video

Graphics Resolution: 320 x 224

Colours: 4096 on screen, 65536 total

Sound: 4 FM + 7 digital + 3 PSG + 1 noise

Media Format: Cartridge/CD depending on model

Control and Input Methods: Gampade, arcade stick

For the first time we could really have an arcade at home. The Neo-Geo was SNKs latest arcade kit in a console. The game cartridges you bought contained the exact same ROM-chips found in the arcade versions. Unfortunately, arcade hardware isn't cheap and nor were the Neo-Geo cartridges, at £100 and up most of us couldn't afford it. A few years later a CD version arrived dramatically reducing the game costs but it was too late, the gaming world had gone all 3D.

SNK Neo-GeoEmulator

MAME - The complete arcade emulator includes support for Neo-Geo due to it being based on arcade hardware.

Links - A major Neo-Geo site and online community.

Neo-Geo Master List - A comprehensive list of all known released and unreleased titles developed for the Neo-Geo.

Game-Star Heroes on the SNK Neo-Geo:

Arcade control panel Start Start

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