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Retro animated character

Repton 2

Repton 2 screenshotSuperior Software - 1985

Generation: 3

Machine: Acorn BBC Micro, and others

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

The dust clearing, monster squashing, meteor avoiding, skull fearing classic from the simple days of the BBC. Despite similarities this game is not a Boulder Dash rip-off; rather it is an evolution of the genre into an adventure as opposed to a straight puzzle game.

You are in charge of our eponymous hero, a lizard like creature who you guide around seemingly endless mazes in search of diamonds. There are monsters aplenty which you have to squash by dropping rocks on them, locks to unlock and teleporters to figure out all of which adds up to hours of challenging game play.

Repton 2 is my personal favourite but you won’t be disappointed when Repton fever overcomes you and forces you to play all of the seven plus others in the series.

Jakey 07 Mar '04

Another Repton 2 screenshotEmulator

Beebem - Stairway to Hell has the disk image.

Links - Play all of the Repton games and other BBC classics online for free.

Superior Interactive - The developer's homepage with Windows versions of all the Repton games to buy.

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