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LIVES: LifeLife

Retro animated character

Acorn BBC Micro

Acorn BBC Micro LogoGeneration: 3

Processors: MOS 6502 1.8MHz

RAM: 16kb expandable up to 128kb

Graphics Resolution: Mode 0 - 640 x 256, Mode 1 - 320 x 256, Mode 2 - 160 x 256

Colours: Mode 0 - 2 colours, Mode 1 - 4 colours, Mode 2 - 8 colours

Sound: 3 channels, 7 octaves

Media Format: Cartridge, tape, disk

Control and Input Methods: Keyboard, joystick

Built for Aunty by Acorn and beloved of schools across the UK, the BBC Micro is about as British as it gets so our non-UK readers will be forgiven for not having the slightest clue what it is. So to enlighten them; from 1984 to 1990 the BBC Micro was the computer that the majority of British children learned computing basics with at school. Developed by Acorn to accompany a BBC television series on computing, this computer became the mainstay of educational computing throughout the eighties. Incredibly expandable, the BBC's range of peripherals included robot kits and a videodisc drive designed specifically for the ill-fated BBC Domesday Project of 1986.

Acorn BBC MicroEmulator

Beebem - The best BBC Micro emulator by a long way.


Stariway to Hell - Great for picking up game files.

The BBC Lives - Great BBC info site.

Game-Star Heroes on the Acorn BBC Micro:

Arcade control panel Start Start

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