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Retro animated character


Microdot screenshotJim Blackler - 1988

Generation: 3

Machine: Commodore 64

Genre: Platformer

A fantastically odd little platformer, Microdot involves rolling a ball around a series of screens with the purpose of collecting radioactive particles. The game is similar to Jet Set Willy but it's simple graphical style, fast play-speed and the inclusion of a level editor set this one apart from the rest. On the few occasions I got to play on my mate's C64, this was the game that impressed me the most.

Jakey 06 Mar '04

Another Microdot screenshotEmulator

VICE - The game is available from The C-64 Scene Database.


Lemon 64's Microdot page - Screenshots.

C64 Games Download - Alternative download page.

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