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Retro animated character

Elevator Action

Elevator Action screenshotTaito - 1983

Generation: 3

Machine: Arcade, and many others

Genre: Platformer

Elevator Action is one of the most cherished games of my childhood. I first played it on the Spectrum (an excellent conversion, Speccy fans) and was entranced by the irresistible gameplay and the neat animation. In Elevator Action, you play a secret agent who has to break into buildings and steal secret plans, hidden behind designated doors. You stop at the top of the building, and you have to make your way downwards, using the intricate system of - yes, you've got it - elevators. And escalators too. Lets' not forget the escalators. There are a load of men in black suits who try to stop you from reaching the basement, where your getaway vehicle loyally awaits. All you have is your wits, a gun, and the ability to jump over bullets if you need to. You can duck as well, but the villains become more and more fiendish so they tend to duck down too, just to get their shots in low. Swines.

I can't really begin to express how perfectly formed this game is. It's just so damned playable... incredibly addictive as well, which seems to be a feature built into each and every Taito arcade game.

'Where are Taito now?' I hear you cry. Some say that all of the employees live on an island in the Pacific Ocean, living in luxury. Other say that they have built a huge theme park where all the rides are based upon their classic video games. Others say that they are just biding their time, waiting to again unleash their genius on the world...

Bubbaray 25 Jul '03

Another Elevator Action screenshotEmulator

MAME - Search Google to find the ROM file.


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