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Retro animated character

Caesar The Cat

Caesar The Cat screenshotAndromeda Software - 1984

Generation: 3

Machine: ZX Spectrum, and others

Genre: Platformer

My favourite of all video game cats, Caesar is the star of a rather obscure ZX Spectrum platform game. The concept is fantastically simple: you control Caesar, making him jump about the shelves in the larder catching the mice before they eat the food. Once a mouse is caught a door appears for you to carry the mouse outside job done, apart from the other hundred odd mice left. There are obstacles to avoid too, jump on a shelf by a jar and you'll knock it of ending the game. There is also a strict time limit to keep an eye on.

What makes Caesar the Cat so appealing is the bright colours and great animation of Caesar himself. Such a big animated sprite was quite an achievement for any machine back in '84, and anyone who says the spectrum can't do colour should just take a look at these screen shots.

Caesar the Cat is in the vein of all the great early video games - very simple yet very, very hard.

Jakey 05 Sep '04

Another Caesar The Cat screenshotEmulator

SPIN - The best Spectrum emulator out there although you'll find a whole bunch more plus the tape image for this game at World of Spectrum.


World of Spectrum's Caesar The Cat page - An incredible resource, all the detail you could need and the game to download or play online to boot!

Tipshop's Caesar The Cat page - A cheat for the game and a recording of the game being finished.

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