SCORE: 0000000650
LIVES: LifeLife

Retro animated character

I, Robot

I, Robot screenshotAtari - 1983

Generation: 3

Machine: Arcade

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle

I'm not going to waffle on about how great Atari were back in the early 80s because I've already done that in the Star Wars review. Like Star Wars this was 1983, like Star Wars this was 3D, unlike Star Wars however, these graphics weren't vector wire-frames these were solid 3D polygons! In 1983!

The game itself is odd; it plays like a cross between a puzzle game and 3rd person shooter. You take on the role of, as you may well have guessed by now, a Robot. Your job seems to be painting red platforms blue. Each game screen has a set of platforms; you have to move over every inch of each platform turning it from red to blue. The catch is you have to jump between the platforms and when you jump you a vulnerable to attack from the I of the title. This is not actually an I at all it's an eye. It sits at the top of the screen closed but every so often it opens, if you jump when the eye is open you're a goner. Once all the platforms are turned blue you can take one last jump onto the eye's platform to destroy it - stage clear. To get to the next stage you have to fly avoiding various obstacles as you go, it's here where the 3D graphics really shine.

This is a mighty strange game to say the least. Perhaps even stranger is the option you get once you've inserted a coin to not play the game at all but instead play around with a funny sort of paint package (no, really) the reason why is anyone's guess. Weird as it maybe I Robot is a really addictive game with stunning graphics and is well worth a play today. This isn't just nostalgic fun this is a genuinely brilliant game.

Jakey 05 Dec '02

Another I, Robot screenshotEmulator

MAME - Search Google to find the ROM file.


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