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Retro animated character

Tempest 2000

Tempest 2000 screenshotAtari - 1994

Generation: 5

Machine: Atari Jaguar, Apple Mac, and others

Genre: Vehicle Shooter

Jeff Minter knows a thing or two about what makes a great game. He also know just how to tweak a classic game to make it even better. He created Llamatron which was a hilarious update of Robotron and this got him the job making Tempest 2000; the a flagship game for Atari’s new Jaguar. Never before or since has such a classic old game been updated to surpass its original in such a way. Instead of just adding detailed modern graphics, Minter kept the style exactly the same as the original but added his trademark music sync effects. Game play was improved with the addition of power-ups and smarter, more varied enemies.

Versions were later ported to the PC, Mac, Sega Saturn and Playstation but should be avoided with the exception of the Mac. Many remakes have been developed by fans all of which are freely available Typhoon 2001 is by far the best (see below).

Jakey 13 Sep '02

Another Tempest 2000 screenshotEmulator

Project Tempest - An emulator designed specifically to play Tempest 2000. Search Google to find the game file.


Typhoon 2001 - An excellent modern freeware remake of Tempest 2000 for Windows and Linux.

Play Online - The original Tempest game at Atari's official site.

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