SCORE: 0000006250
LIVES: LifeLife

Retro animated character

Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar LogoGeneration: 5

Processors: Motorola 68000/16Mzh 16/32Bit, TOM 6SC880, Jerry 6SC600

RAM: 2mb Fast Page DRAM

Graphics Resolution: 768x576

Colours: 16.7 million

Sound: 16bit Stereo

Media Format: Cartridge and optional CD-Rom

Control and Input Methods: Digital joypad with bizarre integrated numeric keypad

Atari's swansong, the Jaguar was designed to be the first of the new generation following the golden age of the 16-bit consoles ruled by the SNES and MegaDrive. The Jaguar was released in 1993 and marketed as not a 32-bit but a 64-bit console, unfortunately it was this very feature that made the console so stupidly hard to develop for. Developers found that the amount of effort required of them was not matched in terms of quality of end product. Two year's later the Playstation arrived and finished it and Atari off.

Atari JaguarEmulator

Project Tempest - Originally designed just to run Tempest 2000, Project Tempest has become a very capable Jaguar emulator.


Atari Age - All you'll ever need... - ...and everything else!

Game-Star Heroes on the Atari Jaguar:

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