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Retro animated character

Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Panzer Dragoon Zwei screenshotSega - 1996

Generation: 5

Machine: Sega Saturn

Genre: Vehicle Shooter

Sega had pioneered the rear view shooter with After Burner and on possibly the least loved of all consoles; the Saturn, they brought the genre to it's zenith. Panzer Dragoon Zwei has you flying through beautiful landscapes, shooting everything from giant monsters to flying battleships, on the ground and in the air, all from the back of your ever evolving dragon. It's spectacular fun and suffers from none of visibility problems of its predecessors like After Burner.

The Saturn had always had disappointing graphics compared with the Playstation but Panzer Dragoon Zwei finally proved that, with a little effort the Saturn could match and even surpass its Sony adversary. A sequel that's actually a prequel, Zwei offers much more than the original including alternate routes and secrets to discover. The game has so much atmosphere that you'll be saddle-sore after half an hour.

Jakey 14 Nov '03

Another Panzer Dragoon Zwei screenshotAvailable From

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