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Sheep, Dog, 'n' WolfSheep, Dog, 'n' Wolf

A loony stealth, platform puzzler that'll have you in stitches while challenging your brain. Using ACME products (like rockets and giant elastic bands) you have to steal one sheep per level from under the nose of the sheepdog. More...

Jakey 19 Jan '04

Target: RenegadeTarget: Renegade

This two-player scrolling fighter sees you taking on all comers as you make your way through the mean streets of... well somewhere pretty mean. More...

Jakey 13 Jan '04

SimCity 2000SimCity 2000

The pinnacle of the city building series that will steal weeks from your life. More...

Jakey 11 Jan '04

Dig DugDig Dug

The boys at Namco decided that inflating subterranean monsters was the idea of '83. God knows why it didn't become a genre in itself. More...

Bubbaray 07 Jan '04

NiGHTS into DreamsNiGHTS into Dreams

The platformer without platforms that proved that the unloved Saturn could really deliver. More...

Jakey 06 Dec '03

Panzer Dragoon ZweiPanzer Dragoon Zwei

Sega had pioneered the rear view shooter with After Burner and on possibly the least loved of all consoles; the Saturn, they brought the genre to it's zenith. More...

Jakey 14 Nov '03

Streets of RageStreets of Rage

Streets of Rage was the second game that I bought for my Megadrive/Genesis. I couldn't believe it. It looked great, and it had two player action! My mate and I used to call a truce and promise each other not to fight amongst ourselves. It never lasted. More...

Bubbaray 14 Sep '03


Gauntlet was one of Atari's greatest hits, even managing to succeed during the drop in demand for arcade games that occurred in the mid 80s. Your gang has to traverse the multitude of mazes, collecting potions, food and treasure whilst killing off the baddies that lurk within the dungeons. More...

Bubbaray 22 Aug '03


Turrican was huge. Huge in both gameplay and sales. It populated almost every platform of the time, both computer and console, and it produced many sequels. It's not hard to see why it was so popular, it was completely different to everything else in it's genre. More...

Jakey 06 Aug '03

Ape EscapeApe Escape

What's this? An original platformer on the Playstation? Yes it's true, and not only that but a game making full and brilliant use of the Dual Shock controller. More...

Jakey 05 Aug '03

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