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Defender was the next step forward on from 'Space Invaders' and 'Asteroids.' Instead of one static screen, you could fly around left and right, up and down. Crucially, the aliens were less predictable than the ones in ' Space Invaders' meaning that you had to keep adapting your strategy as you played. More...

Bubbaray 11 Mar '04

Wonderboy III: The Dragon's TrapWonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap

Sega's platform hero has been turned into a dragon and he's not happy about it in the Sega Master System’s finest hour. More...

Jakey 07 Mar '04

Repton 2Repton 2

The dust clearing, monster squashing, meteor avoiding, skull fearing classic from the simple days of the BBC. Despite similarities this game is not a Boulder Dash rip-off, rather it is an evolution of the genre into an adventure as opposed to a straight puzzle game. More...

Jakey 07 Mar '04


This little known ball rolling platformer is a real gem. More...

Jakey 06 Mar '04

Football ManagerFootball Manager

One of the first management games and undoubtedly the most popular. Today its descendant is the Championship Manager series which has the same approach as Football Manager. More...

Bubbaray 05 Mar '04

Samba de AmigoSamba de Amigo

Fun has never been more exhausting, then again fun has never been more fun. Shake you maracas in time with the music, what could be simpler? Hang on a minute did you say maracas? More...

Jakey 01 Mar '04

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament '96Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament '96

Not just a fast and furiously challenging one player racer, not just a hilarious party game (with up to 8 players at once!), Micro Machines is a blue print for everything video games should be about. This is a game that requires skill, practice and represents a serious challenge, but it's also great fun and incredibly silly. More...

Jakey 28 Feb '04

Alley CatAlley Cat

As a cunning alley cat your job is to negotiate the bins and washing lines in the alley behind a block of flats with the aim of making it through the open windows. All the while avoiding dogs, other cats and the stuff the local residents chuck at you. More...

Jakey 12 Feb '04

Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog

Sega's super-sonic mascot accelerates the platform genre to unprecedented velocities, adding polish, fun and attitude.  More...

Bubbaray 07 Feb '04


Bumpy is a great mixture of puzzle game and platformer. You control a ball who is forever destined to bounce, the aim is to bounce around the platforms picking up the objects until the exit appears through which you must bounce to get to the next screen. More...

Jakey 05 Feb '04

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